On Saturday, one dedicated group of volunteers tended to the final resting place of those who’ve passed away.
Behind a wall of weeds and logs, the African American section of Martinsburg’s Green Hill Cemetery is where you may find loved ones buried.
The community took it upon themselves to clean up that portion of the cemetery to find and remember those who’ve been laid to rest.
Committee members said that section of the cemetery has been neglected for so long. They said there are well over 100 names registered and so far they have recovered nearly 60 graves, and still have a long way to go.
“I uncovered three or four already that was totally covered up and the family couldn’t even see or find their graves,” said Harold Riggleman, Hedgesville Resident.
“History must be preserved at all costs and this is just a part of history, not just African American history but a part of the history and culture of Martinsburg, West Virginia,” said Raymond Johnson, Vice President of the Greenhill African American Cemetery Committee.
The group of volunteers hope with the help of the community, clean up can become a regular routine. If you think you may have a family member that is buried at the African American cemetery, you can contact the Greenhill African American Cemetery Committee at 757-416-8600.