CHARLESTON, W. Va. (WDVM) — During his most recent Coronavirus press conference on Friday, Governor Jim Justice said he still does not support a statewide mask mandate in schools.

During that same press conference, he revealed that nearly 20 schools across 13 counties in West Virginia currently have outbreaks of COVID-19.

Despite Virginia’s statewide school mask mandate and the vote of Maryland’s State Board of Education favoring masks in schools, Governor Justice says he doesn’t want to enact a similar mask mandate across the state let alone in schools.

“I think that the local people can make a better decision on this and we can in charleston,” Gov. Justice said. “I know that that the very second we jump up and put a statewide mandate down, you’re going to have an uprising, you know, people that are going to try to reverse that.”

Across the 55 counties in West Virginia, only one remains green, while all others fall into the orange and red categories.