BERKELEY COUNTY, W.Va. (DC News Now) — If you live in Berkeley County, you might remember the West Virginia airshow. Well lucky for its residents, the airshow will make a triumphant return.

” We’re going to be doing an air show from August 26 to the 27th, 2023,” Executive Director of the Eastern West Virginia regional airport,” Nick Deihl, said.

“West Virginia’s greatest air show, and it’s the centennial celebration of shepherd field, and we’re the oldest airfield in the state of West Virginia, so we thought we would do that and celebrate.

The last time the air show was put on was back in 2008, so the timing of this allows the MRB foundation to showcase the airport once again.

” With the goal of promoting education, education, and aviation, as well as bringing more people out to the airport,” president of the MRP Foundation, Jim Marshall, explained. ” One of the ideas was to put on an air show and out here at the airport in 2023, but we’re bringing it back because they hadn’t had one so long and it really is an exciting event.”

The airshow will feature some of the same activities but also some new never seen components.

“We’ll have some of the old commemorative plants like you see out here today. And we’ve gotten applications in to get some of the military aircraft out here as well,” Marshall said. ” So for people who haven’t seen those, they’re really excited to see there’s a lot of power involved in those and they can do some really special things.”

Some West Virginia residents that attended the announcement say they have missed the airshow and look forward to its long-awaited return.

I think a lot of people enjoyed it and it draws a great crowd. It’s good for our community,” Milly Shepard said. ” Ocean City, Maryland brought theirs back. Now we are too.”

” I thought it was fantastic and we couldn’t wait to volunteer and help out.” David Hammer said. ” it’s a wonderful show. The airport brings a tremendous amount of economic activity to the area and so we’re delighted to have it back.”

The MRB Foundation will have several fundraisers to raise funds for the airshow.