JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. (DC News Now) — Governor Jim Justice proposed a tax cut in his State of the State address, kicking off the 2023 legislative session. How do the state’s residents feel about this?

Charles Town retiree Russell Low said it is enticing, but “roads need to be fixed, and that takes taxes. The snow needs to be plowed, and that takes taxes.”

A group of retirees in Shepherdstown supported the governor’s plan.

“I think the governor’s on the right course,” says Victor Triolo. “He has a great vision for West Virginia.”

All that federal COVID relief and generous state severance tax revenue should be rebated, they say.

“I think the governor’s done a great job,” said Bob Rizzo. “Everybody seems more excited about the direction of things.”

Dominick Palmiero is about to graduate from Shepherd University. He is working in a grocery store to pay tuition.

“A tax rebate sounds great, but people also have to benefit from new roads and health care and hospitals,” he said.

“I’m not an ‘all taxes are bad’ guy. I think taxes are good to some extent, and West Virginians are not overtaxed,” Low said.

The legislature will remain in session until mid-March. The governor says the state has “held the line on spending and he eventually wants to eliminate the income tax outright.