CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WDVM) — During Monday’s coronavirus press conference, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice called the attacks on Ukraine especially, the bombing on the maternity hospital in Mariupol, pure evil.

Governor Justice also highlighted that he wants to send $5 million from the state’s revenue surplus, which in December reported to have collected over $500 million, to aid the hospital. He hopes to use the money to rebuild the maternity ward at the hospital.

During the briefing, he even suggested calling the new addition the “West Virginia Wing.”

“I know it won’t be all the money in the world, but we can pull that out of surplus and not know we even had it,” Gov. Justice said. “But, I can’t imagine anything was worse seeing and just that you know, pregnant women and children and everything and absolutely, you know, just place blown all the pieces.”

He says the legislature and the state need to stand together to support the people of Ukraine. He went on to say that as soon as it is safe to begin the rebuilding process, he will guarantee the money to the war-torn nation.

Governor Justice has sent a letter with his request to the State Legislature, where the latest session wrapped up on Saturday, but its status of approval has not yet been confirmed.