In Maryland, Frederick officials want people to be aware that there are fishing regulations at Carroll Creek.
To get a closer look at the Carroll Creek Fishing Regulations Map, visit their website
The yellow area located on the map, near Frederick High School, is for blind and youth fishing only.
Open fishing is allowed where you see green on the map, which is located around College Avenue to Diggs Pool Bridge as well as from East Patrick Street to High Land Street.
City officials said no fishing is where you see the red on the map, and that is located from Diggs Pool Bridge to East Patrick Street.  
They said the reason why there are regulations started back in 2012, when improvements along the creek took place.
“With the encouragement of pedestrian, bicycle and event traffic in those areas of the park, it might be dangerous or hazardous with people fishing with hooks and lines,” said City of Frederick, Public Information Coordinator, Patti Mullins.