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Martinsburg Police Department gets four new vehicles

The Martinsburg Police Department has announced that they have four new police cruisers with a brand new look.

The new 2016 Ford Explorers feature fresh and innovative department decals and markings.

The new design was created by MPD Patrolman Sam McGovern.

The honor to take the first vehicle on the road has been awarded to Patrolman Craig Richmond, one of Martinsburg’s 2016 Officers of the Year.

Officers that use the new cars said they like their ride, because it offers new features that make their job easier as police officers.

“[It’s a] very nice light package that we don’t have on the other vehicles. It includes a crime scene light that can pretty much light up the entire area at night when we are not able to see,” said Patrolman Richmond, Martinsburg Police Department. 

“The new package on it is real nice. [It’s] got a new light package on it, new cages, new security for the officer and also safety for the person we are transporting in the back as well,” said Patrolman Roderick Holloway, Martinsburg Police Department. 

The custom lighting package for the vehicles was installed by West Virginia Signal & Light.