RIVERDALE, Md. (DC News Now) — A new food hall in Prince George’s County is giving local chefs an opportunity to showcase their talents with a fairly new concept known as “ghost kitchens,” and it’s also their first Small Business Saturday.

“As of right now the first month, month in a half, bumpy roads but now we’re getting to the flow of things,” said Eric Johnson, general manager of Le Fantome Food Hall.

La Fantome Food Hall in Riverdale gives local chef’s an opportunity to run their businesses and experiment.

“We offer them a chance to see if their brand or their concept would work. More less you have all the luxuries of having a restaurant without the overhead,” said Johnson.

“It lets them know if they need to tweak something. If this plate is really going to work or if offer is going to work or not because it’s a big difference in having a dream and offering and it doesn’t work. You might have to tweak something even if it’s the type of french fries you’re serving little stuff like that but it’s good because it’s giving all of them a chance to work together also,” he said.

The food hall gives customers a variety of options from Indian, Greek, Asian, American, a full bar, and even their favorite sweet treats.

“They love it because it’s different, to some people it’s overwhelming because it’s so many choices and options but they love it because when you’re out with family and friends sometimes you don’t have to agree on what place you want to go, what do we want to eat today, now you can come and everybody can have something totally different and enjoy themselves,” he said.

This was the food hall’s first Small Business Saturday. And so far, things are working out in their favor.

“To my knowledge, they said it’s been busy, it’s been steady. You know this bounce back from the holidays can be kind of hard. You know people are with family, shopping and doing other things, and they have leftovers but it’s still been pretty steady.”

They’re looking forward to many more.