A bill has passed in the House of Delegates to require the Maryland Transit Administration to offer free rides to all permanent executive branch state employees

Currently, employees can ride on MTA local services, Baltimore area buses, the Metro subway and the light rail at no cost.

“Everybody should pay for this service,” said Del. Mark Fisher, (R)) District 27C. “That is the way is it. We should not be carving out special interest to make it free.”

A 2009 MDOT report showed that state employees only used around 1 percent of the free services provided.

This new bill will grant around 5,700 employees free ridership services.

“MDOT actually came to us and said we are already providing a set of free rides then your bill provides,” said Del. Mark Korman, (D) District 16. “So would you please amend your bill to cover that broader cost. So that is what we did.”

A study is also being conducted to work alongside this bill to expand free rides to more people.