The great outdoors is filled with experiences and stories to share. That’s why the Mason Dixon Outdoor Writing Association is hosting their Outdoor Blog Blast event.

Kathryn Haas says she was raised loving the outdoors, and in this age of technology, she says it’s important to make sure kids experience the world for themselves.

“We’ve got to get the kids off the cell phones, get them off the tablets, get them off the computers, get them outside and put a fishing reel in their hands and let them have fun,” Haas, the vice president of MDOWA said.

“Setting the scene, being able to enjoy the experiences that we’re going through, and experiencing ourselves and relaying that to an audience and using lots of adjectives,” Brad Isles, the president of Pennsylvania Outdoors Writers Association said.

People normally write about experiences, so if you’re ever getting writers block get out there and make a splash. You never know what you might come back with.

“A blank piece of paper or a black video screen can be intimidating, but you need to do something. If you catch a fish, go on a hike, you see a special bird or hear a turkey gobble all that ‘grrrr’ just gets it all started again,” Joe Byers, the president of MDOWA said.

They hope to gain more members.

“A lot of my writing is about tips on getting your wife, your girlfriend your kids — get them outside. How do you make them want to go versus, ‘oh I have to go fishing this weekend,’ make them go ‘Yeah, let’s go fishing this weekend’,” Haas said.