Montgomery County finds yet another way to continue their climate-protection efforts as the Department of Transportation grants the county several million dollars for brand new electric buses.

The Federal Transit Administration funded Montgomery County over 4.3 million dollars to purchase 10 electric battery powered busses.

“These electrical busses will definitely help out the economy” said Joey Aridod, MCDOT commuter.

 Joey commutes back and forth to school daily and he says he understands the strain gas puts on the environment. The money will help replace some of its diesel buses with electric buses with no emissions.

“We need less gas cars and gas busses we need to help the environment and earth out” said Aridod.

“They run quieter and will be the same kind of regular bus that we provide for service around the county” said Dan Hibbert, Ride On transit services division chief.

The county currently has 4 electric busses in Silver Spring, which will be the battery powered depot for the additional busses in the coming years.

“I have a broad spectrum of competitors looking to provide these busses to our region, it’s an exciting growing area and we think this service will attract more people to the area and will provide the additional services that people really need” said Hibbert.

You may start seeing these busses within the next three years.