MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Next time you call 911, you may not see red lights or hear sirens when fire and rescue personnel get to you and once they’re there, you might not be taken to a hospital.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services says it’s no cause for concern, MCFRS says what’s called a “cold response” can be safer for EMS personnel, community members and patients. It means emergency vehicles won’t push other drivers out of the way to get where you are for certain kinds of calls.

In addition, with the new alternative destination program, you might end up at a qualified urgent care facility instead of a hospital if your emergency isn’t critical.

Pete Piringer, spokesperson for MCFRS, said, “If a patient meets certain criteria, we’re able to take them to an urgent care facility. It’s usually more efficient for the patient in time and money and insurance.”

This new program keeps people with less serious injuries or ailments out of busy Montgomery County hospitals, leaving more room and beds for those who need them most.

Last year, MCFRS responded to around 120,000 incidents.