ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — A new law banning certain pesticides is now in effect for Montgomery County residents and businesses . This law was approved by the council in 2015 and was recently upheld by a ruling of the courts.

The new pesticide law bans most synthetic pesticides and herbicides used for lawn care. If you’re caught using any one these harmful products you could be fined a total of $50.  

“This applies to all HOA’s, businesses, private lawns, it also applies to playgrounds in the county,” said Mary Travaglini, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.

Products on the market like Round Up use a chemical called glyphosate which was found to be harmful to your health, pets, and the environment.

“So if you were to, in the past, have gone out and sprayed a dandelion and sprayed it with that chemical, you can’t use that,” said Travaglini.

TheMontgomery County Department of Environmental Protection wants to get the word out so people can use alternatives.

“Would you rather have a few weeds or would you rather have cancer causing  pesticides on your lawn, most of the county through this whole process said they’d rather have healthy lawns, use those alternatives,” said Tom Hucker, Montgomery County Councilmember.

The county is focusing on educating residents on the new law to protect the environment from the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals in the air, water and soil.

 If you’re a resident and you still have these newly banned pesticides in your home, don’t worry, officials say you can safely dispose of them at the county’s household hazardous waste collection site.

This law applies to all properties in the county except parks and schools as they have their own integrated pest management plans.

For more details about banned products, exemptions, and organic lawn care tips can be found here.