Donations of all sizes poured in Friday to be boxed up and driven 1200 miles to Houston.

“Since many of our volunteers and the police officers that work here in Rockville have friends and co-workers in that area, we started getting calls,” said Eric Bernard, president of the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department.  “And we said, ‘What can we do to help? What are your immediate needs?'”

As the saying goes many hands make light work, so the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department teamed up with Rockville City Police FOP and Top Dog Services, an Olney-based business that assists in weather clean-up.

“It’s all part of giving back,” said Todd Dickerson, president of Top Dog Services. “I would hope if we were in their situation here, somebody from down there would come up and help us.”

While all donations are welcomed, officials from Houston are specifically pleading for gift cards and cleaning supplies.

“[Officials] told us that there’s no bleach available for a 200-mile radius of the Houston area,” Bernard said.

The moment the fundraiser concludes at 8 p.m. Friday, several truck-loads of donations will begin the trek to Texas.

“It just tells us what we already know,” Bernard said. “People that are driven into the emergency services are caring, compassionate, loving people, and they’re action people.”