ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Montgomery County Public Schools released a report detailing statistics about its students’ performance on the SAT.

The school system says overall, scores went down this year. The average score was 1119 out of 1600, a 48 point decrease from last year’s average.

Scores across the state of Maryland and across the country also went down, but MCPS scores still stayed higher than the state and national average.

MCPS offered free SAT testing to high school juniors this year, allowing more students to take the test than usual.

“When we think about participation, 1100 new students participated in the sat this year that didn’t have access to it last year because of barriers of potential income, or other barriers. The increase was more significant for our communities of colors and students impacted by poverty,” said Derek Turner with MCPS.

This year, MCPS saw an 11 percent increase in African-American test takers and nearly an 18 percent increase in Hispanic and Latino test-takers.