As we get closer to elections, many students in our region registered to vote for National High School Voter Registration Day Tuesday. Students at Bethesda Chevy Chase are amped up and ready to vote.

“Voting age block, from ages 18-24, has the lowest voter turnout in the country out of all other voting age groups,” said Bethesda Chevy Chase student, Sage Spalter.

For National High School Voter Registration Day, dozens of high schools in our area set up booths to get students to vote.

“As we ‘generation Z’ become of voting age, it’s important for us to hit the ground running,” Spalter added.

Many students registered to vote, as 17 year-olds can vote in the June 26 primary, but only if they’ll turn 18 before the general election on November 6.

“We got about 25 people registered, so that was really exciting.” stated Ella Goldblum, another student at Bethesda Chevy Chase.

Students at BCC also created a social campaign, encouraging students to get involved and register.

“We’ve seen, sort of all over the world, that youth involvement, politics, registration and youth voting has really caused a lot of monumental shifts where politics are going,” said BCC student, Owen Bonk.

All of the students are really pushing to make an impact.

“A huge wave of youth activism right now,” Ella expresses, “but I think it’s really important that goes beyond just using our voices and going to marches.”

To vote in the primary, you must register by June 5. There are 21 states that allow for voting pre-registration for 17 year-olds, including Maryland, which will automatically register you to vote by age 18.