Mount St. Mary’s University has become the first higher education institution in Frederick County, Maryland to receive an arena alcohol license.

“Really what we’re after here is to enhance the fan experience,” explained Mount St. Mary’s Vice President and Chief of Staff, Wayne Green.

Patrons to upcoming basketball games at the PNC Sports Complex Athletic and Recreation Convocation Complex this winter will be able to purchase beer from a new beverage cart.

The change comes after passing legislation from the Maryland General Assembly in July, and coordination with the Frederick County Liquor Board to allow for an annual license, instead of a special license for each on-campus event. 

“We entered into a discussion with the Frederick County Liquor Board, who are also interested in how do we reduce some the bureaucracy, if you will, or the time consumption from their end and from ours on all these special licenses,” Green said.

Some students’ parents have welcomed the idea, but only under strict guidelines, considering underage students also attend games.

“If it’s a controlled environment where it’s obvious who’s permitted to drink and who is not, then I don’t think that would be an issue, at least not for me,” explained Carri Tyburksi, whose daughter, Lauren, attends Mount St. Mary’s University.

Officials emphasize the initiative is not targeted towards students, instead, towards the average 2,500 fans who turn out.

“Largely of those 2,500 fans or so, very few of those are students that are of age. We’ll really not cater to the student in any way here, it’s really to offer something new for those fans who come out to cheer on the Mount,” Green explained.

Some students already see the potential for higher turnout and likeness to other top universities who already offer alcoholic beverage sales.

“I think more people will come, like visitor and adults, because it will feel more like official and like a bigger university,” explained freshman student at Mount St. Mary’s University, Lauren Tyburski.

Officials estimate beer sales to begin at select home games on December 15, with fans limited to three drinks per game.