A former Montgomery County student has returned to coach at his old high school and has managed to bring some very big friends along to help out at his summer basketball camps.

As a teenager, Chase Rieder was a Walter Johnson High School student by day who spent his nights in the presence of giants while working as an equipment manager for the Washington Wizards.

Rieder quietly built a 12-year career as a staffer with the Wizards and has become an important fixture on the team.

“The Wizards have given me the foundation to explore different options so that’s why I started this camp,” Rieder. “I kind of used some of these mentors that I’ve been working with in the NBA and also at the high school level so when I am coaching that makes me a better coach as I mentor some of these kids.”

Other visitors included Toronto Raptors shooting forward Malcolm Miller.

And though most kids here don’t have NBA or college talent, coach Rieder says it’s more about being social and learning to be part of a team.

“We really like when the kids are new to basketball because we like to build their confidence,” said Rieder. “There are so many different camps and leagues that the youth, kids around here are going to and they never see the ball.

They are kind of just running up and down the court.” coach Rieder’s basketball camp is held annually for kids ages 6 to 14 and can be found at Tilden Middle School in Bethesda.