ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Montgomery County’s new Community Engagement and Education Workgroup is looking for ways to better communicate with local communities about climate change. The group met for the first time Thursday.

Co-chair Doug Weisburger says one of the groups main priorities is to “advise on effective communications strategies and platforms for engagement with diverse audiences.”

The group will address issues related to mitigation and adaptation.

“Mitigation is reducing our emissions, and adaptation is adapting to, dealing with climate change’s impacts,” said Weisburger.

The county set specific goals for greenhouse gas emission reduction back in 2017. The new goals for the county are an 80 percent reduction by 2027 and a 100 percent reduction by 2035, according Adriana Hochberg.

Climate change is a prominent issue in Montgomery County. Several people were arrested during a climate-related protest earlier this month. Other local protests and rallies have brought attention to the problem.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich has expressed his support for civil climate change activism.

“I’m ultimately an optimist because the more I learn and see about what out’s there, there more I feel that the tools are going to be there to make the changes we need to make,” Elrich said at the meeting.

Students in the county have made their voices heard on this issue, too. There are three high school students in the new workgroup who give input from a student perspective.