Musicality runs in the family for one Bethesda band–and it’s gotten them a lot of attention lately.

“I had a bunch of fans come up to me and want to take pictures with me,” said musician Annie Sidley.  “I was like, are you sure you got the right person?”  

“And in Bethesda too, lately people have been running into us,” said musician Steve Sidley.

The Sidleys describe their music as melodic, soul-influenced Indie Rock, but say any label can’t properly capture their essence.

“It’s hard to say something meaningful about what you sound like without saying we sound like someone else,” said Steve Sidley.  “But we definitely sound like us.”

“It’s like trying to describe how an orange tastes,” said Annie Sidley.

All members of the family–Annie, Steve, Colin, Ian, and Sean, have been performing together routinely for about a year now.

“Sometimes we’re just jamming…and then I turn around and I’m like, ‘oh my God those are my kids’–this is freaking me out,” said Annie Sidley.

Even fans notice the band’s unique connection when they perform.

“I think if you’re all related and you’re sort of in tune with each other’s body language, you kind of understand what each and every person’s music tastes are so intimately,” said Shannon Cole, fan of the band.

The band has played across the nation, but mostly at local venues, including Blues Alley and Veterans Park.

“Luckily we get along, and when we have nothing else we just love to listen to music,” said Steve Sidley.

Their recent album, Bittersweet, was nominated for Pop-Rock Album of the Year by the Washington Area Music Association.

The Sidley’s performance at Veterans Park is part of a summer concert series, where different music groups perform every Thursday night.

A reggae group will be performing next week.