FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — It’s a debate about censorship and what should or shouldn’t be in certain books that are in school libraries.

Some parents who have children in Frederick County Public Schools are concerned that their children can grab books that the parents consider graphic or age inappropriate without the parents being aware the books are on library shelves.

“To introduce sexually explicit topics before a child’s mentally and emotionally ready for that, it destroys childhood innocence,” said parent Jamie Brennan.

In a recent board of education meeting, parents flagged 35 books that they view as explicit. Two of them are Push and Sold.

“There are too many for it to be a coincidence. We’re not focusing on sexuality in the schools right now, so my concern is a lot of them are about incest and rape. They glorify sexual abuse,” said parent Cindy Rose.

Sue Johnson, the Vice President of the FCPS Board of Education, said in a statement:
“I look forward to reviewing the current policy governing library and media material selection at our curriculum and instruction committee meeting which is already on the agenda in December.”

The moms said they would continue to fight for this in upcoming school board meetings until these books are removed from the shelves.