If you’re in Hagerstown, chances are you may have seen Paul Corderman. Corderman has served on the Hagerstown Council for the last year and is a Hub City native. He was recently selected to the Maryland House of Delegates and says he is humbled to have that opportunity. 

“As far as this opportunity for myself, I couldn’t be more excited about it. Incredibly humbled by it as well, but extremely grateful to have this opportunity,” said Corderman.

Coming to the City Council, Corderman has stressed three things, which are public safety, fiscal responsibility and growth and development. Corderman says he has seen success in all those areas, especially public safety. 

“I’m proud to say for the first time in many years, our fire department has been made whole. Police department we got a five-year contract extension with them, so public safety remains first and foremost a priority in the City of Hagerstown. I’m very proud of that accomplishment,” said Corderman.   

Corderman will represent District 2B in the upcoming general assembly. He says he wants to continue the work he started while serving on the city council.

“When we go down to Annapolis we want to be able to work together, to not only do what’s best for the City of Hagerstown, but what’s best for the state of Maryland, to not only move the city forward, but the state forward as well,” said Corderman.  

And Corderman is taking over right after former Delegate Brett Wilson was sworn in to be a judge. He says he has talked to Judge Wilson to get advice and will be retaining his assistant.

“I’m going to be meeting with her next week to get up to speed, so to speak to see what he had in the works in the last session for what he had going forward,” said Corderman.  

Corderman says it’s still surreal how everything has played out for him to serve the City of Hagerstown.

“The way this process has taken, I couldn’t believe it looking back two years ago, but I’m so excited for the opportunity and really to give back to give the citizens of Hagerstown a voice,” said Corderman.