Law enforcement officials in Montgomery County still have questions about the mysterious fire that took the life of Askia Khafra, 21, last September.

This was the scene on Danbury road last September when firefighters were called to what looked like a routine house fire.

But once inside, crews found evidence of hoarding and even underground tunnels believed to be dug by Askia Khafra and his associate 26 year old Daniel Beckwitt.

“He was doing unpermitted work,” said Major Crimes Division Director Darren Francke. “To do anything like that, you’ve got to get a permit and get a professional.”

The property has been turned over to the department of permitting services.

As for Khafra’s body, his cause of death is finally known.

“Which is smoke inhalation and thermal injuries. What is still in play is the manner so right now it is listed as undetermined.”

That leaves Beckwitt as the sole survivor.

“We are looking at the relationship he had being there,” said Francke. “Being there at the time of the fire, being with the young man that was found deceased and we continue to investigate that. We have a lot of information.”

Information that will soon be shared with prosecutors.

“We will speak with the Montgomery County States Attorney’s office to look at the evidence and analyze exactly what we have and make a decision as far as whether there should be charges in this case or whether this was an accidental death,” said Francke.

Beckwitt’s house and property has been fenced off and neighbors were told their homes would not be affected by the suspicious tunnels.