FORT WASHINGTON, Md. (DC News Now) — In Prince George’s County on Saturday, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore hosted a “Thank You” rally showing his appreciation for voters in the county.

More than 100 people entered the Southern Regional Technology and Recreational Center in Fort Washington holding Wes Moore’s campaign signs.
“Close to 50% of the vote came from Prince George’s County, the highest vote total of this campaign of any jurisdiction in the state of Maryland,” said County Executive Angela Alsobrooks.

That’s the reason Moore and his running mate for Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller chose to host their first rally in Prince George’s County.

“This election is not about any of the candidates on the ballot. It’s about you. It’s about your dreams, your hopes and the future you want to build,” said Miller.

Moore discussed the initiatives he plans to focus on while emphasizing his campaign slogan “Leave no one behind.
“Leave no one behind which means we’re going to work and ensure that our children are being trained not just to be employees. Leaving no one behind, which means that our local jurisdictions and our municipalities and our local elected officials are going to have a partner when it comes to addressing the issue of public safety. Leave no one behind which means we’re going to support our small businesses and micro businesses,” said Moore.

The democratic front runner even called out his opponent republican nominee Dan Cox accusing him of being too extreme.
“What we have standing in front of us right now is not an opponent. It’s a threat,” said Moore.

His overall message from Saturday’s rally was to go out and vote in the November election.
“We’re not done the mission is not complete. What we’re asking from each and everyone is everything that you all did in the the primary, lets rev up and do it again,” he said.