BRUNSWICK, MD (DC News Now)–Candidates running for the Governor of Maryland are making their final rounds as we approach election day.

Dan Cox, Maryland’s Republican gubernatorial hopeful, held a rally in Brunswick, Maryland, one of his last stops on the campaign trail.

His supporters seemed confident that he’ll win on Tuesday.

“I want to see Dan win. I think freedom is on the ballot. I’m going to be voting for freedom and no masks, and parental rights, and I support everything that Dan supports,” said supporter, Cindy Rose.

“I think it’s so important, no matter which side your voting for, to exercise your civic duty and to be a patriot of this great country and the fact that we have the freedom to be able to vote in a democratic process and to pick who we want to be our leaders because they represent us, said supporter Olivia Angolia.

On Sunday morning, Wes Moore, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland, talked about the possibility of making history, along with others.

“We’re, we’re both very humbled and it’s not lost on us that that on inauguration day, Aruna is going to become the first immigrant ever elected to statewide office in the history of the state of Maryland. I will be the first black governor in the history of the state of Maryland. We’re very humbled by that. We also know that that’s not why we’re running. We’re running because we have a unique opportunity to make our state go faster, for our state to be bolder, for our state to be more inclusive,” said Democratic candidate for the governor of Maryland, Wes Moore.

Dan cox will be in Annapolis on election day.