FREDERICK Md. (DC News Now) — Thousands of ballots still have to be counted in Frederick County, and the Board of Elections said results won’t be announced until Wednesday.

The race for County Council continues with a new front-runner for County Council at Large, Democratic candidate Brad M. Young.

This general election holds a lot of historical firsts if two candidates gain a victory.

Democratic candidate for Councilmanic District 4 Kavonte Duckett, who is running against opponent Republican, John Fer is currently in the lead. If he wins, he will be the first Black person to hold this position.

“I’m glad the votes– the numbers are working in our favor right now, and I do believe that we will be on the County Council come December 5th,” said Duckett.

Meanwhile, Republican Candidate for Councilmanic District 5 Mason Carter is currently in the lead against Democratic Candidate Julianna Lufkin. He would become the youngest person to serve on the council at 18 years old.

Voters say these new changes could mean great things for the future of Frederick County.

“I think it’s amazing. It’s something that we need as a community. It’s beneficial for our youth to see that we can hold those positions,” said Tiffany Ellis, a Frederick County in regards to Duckett leading the Councilmanic District 4 race.

“Maybe somebody younger, being more in the know, will get more voters out,” said Bryce Hornicek, a Frederick County voter.