FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — The ongoing saga of coming to an agreement on new congressional lines for the State of Maryland continues, this time in the courts.

A court challenge is in the works on the Maryland congressional districts. Seven of the state’s eight seats are held by Democrats.

“It’s a clear example of politicians picking their voters, not the voters picking their politicians,” said Delegate Neil Parrott (R – Washington County).

A national legal advocacy group, Judicial Watch, is putting its muscle behind a court challenge to the General Assembly’s maps.

“You distort the district line, you violate the political boundaries, you crush the community and you do it in order to create political advantage,” said Robert Popper with Judicial Watch.

Allies in the Maryland General Assembly showed their support to Delegate Parrott, who is a declared congressional candidate for the seat held by incumbent Democrat David Trone.

“So we are looking at the map that would disenfranchise 40 percent of voting Marylanders, “which is beyond egregious,” said Delegate Jesse Pippy (R-Frederick County).

Supporters of the Parrott-Judicial Watch challenge were out in force for a midweek press conference in Frederick, supporting Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of the maps.

“This reverts back to old-boy-boss politics of days gone by,” said Sallie Taylor, a resident of Carroll County.

Federal courts generally only accept challenges on racial gerrymandering, but state courts sometimes expand that interpretation in such challenges. In any event, time is of the essence; the Maryland primary is months away so the courts only have a short window to intervene.