HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — While all eyes are on the election, it could be a few days until we hear who will be on the ticket in November.

The Washington County Board of Elections issued about 8,000 mail-in ballots. In the days leading up to the primary, they received more than half back.

“My husband and I decided we did not want to be in lines or just around many people mainly because of a pandemic. we just felt like we wanted to do a mailing, but we do them all the time,” said Washington County voter Juanita Davis.

Some people stuck with more traditional forms of voting.

“I don’t trust mail-in ballots,” said Washington County voter Tammy Decker.

Barry Jackson, Deputy Director of the Washington County Board of Elections, explained the process that starts Thursday.

Bipartisan teams will open the ballots and inspect them to ensure they are good to go through the scanning unit, which is how they are counted.

“In 2018, I think we have somewhere around a 20% turnout and it looks like based on the early voting numbers, we’ll probably have about the same thing. The only difference is going to be much more mail-in ballots than when we had in 2018,” said Jackson.

“We’ll have results on election night of all of the different precincts, so Williamsport and Sharpsburg and these different polling places will have their precinct results. There’s a precinct result for mail-in ballots. Now, we won’t have that until later on because we don’t count them until after election day,” said Jackson.

Completed results aren’t expected until the end of next week on certification day, which is Friday, July 29th.