WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The Maryland Republican nominees for governor and attorney general have been shedding themselves of some controversial groups and social media platforms that have brought them heavy criticism even in their own party.

Gubernatorial nominee Dan Cox reportedly took down more than 1,000 posts on Gab, a site known for white nationalistic views and purported hate speech posts, but the Frederick delegate told DC News Now that it wasn’t him who made the posts.

“I think some campaign supporters may have started that. I did not,” he said in an interview. “Our focus has been supporting free speech and opportunities on platforms that I think most of our voters are on. We’re expanding that with Facebook and Truth Social.”

The Truth Social platform is a site that former President Donald Trump started after he was kicked off Twitter. Cox has been endorsed by Trump and has embraced his false contention that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Attorney General candidate Michael Anthony Peroutka, who has promoted conspiracy theories about the 9-11 attacks, was a member of the Alabama-based League of the South promotes a white nationalist doctrine.

DC News Now wasn’t able to reach Peroutka, the former chairman of the Anne Arundel County Council, but he did tell an interviewer last month that he left the League of the South nine to 10 years ago over their opposition to interracial marriage.

Both have been shunned by Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and others in the party over views that embrace the QAnon conspiracy theories and white nationalist ideals.

The Gab site has welcomed online participants that had been banned from other social platforms over extreme views that many find offensive.