PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Election officials in Prince George’s County say they’re dealing with a new challenge this election season. There are a lot of questions on the ballot, which may cause delays at the polls.

“The ballot is four pages. And that’s something that we historically have never had to deal with before,” said Alisha Alexander, Elections administrator for Prince George’s County Board of Elections.

Alexander is reminding everyone to be patient on Tuesday and read the questions carefully.

“It may take voters some time to go through the ballot each of the four pages front and back and read the questions. We do encourage voters to read the questions ahead of time so that they know how they’re going to vote prior to going into the poll,” she said.

There are 9 questions on the ballot regarding Prince George’s County. Questions A – E are focused on bond issues to improve community college facilities, county buildings, library facilities, public works and transportation facilities, and public safety facilities.

There are also charter amendments.

Question F will allow a review board to make recommendations on the amount of compensation the county executive and county council members will receive which complies with state laws.

Question G will change gender-specific language in the charter to gender-neutral language. The charter review committee found more than 90 instances where the original language is gender specific or implied.

Question H is focused on a section in the charter, “The encouragement and support of local and minority businesses consistent with requirements of federal, state law.” Now they’re looking to change it to add the word “county,” it will then become “…. federal, state, and county law.”

Question I will require that requests for proposals in county contract biddings be made public in the newspaper.

As for question J, it will require all county council members to be registered voters in their district for at least one year before an election season unless there is a zoning change.

Elected officials say long lines are expected on election day.

“We do expect that the turnout we expect them very high turnout. And we are in fact prepared,” said Alexander.

The board of elections is also reminding everyone to ensure your mail-in ballot is dropped off into a drop box or marked by the post office on November 8th.