FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — As the November 8th general election approaches, the fight is on for the future of Frederick County.

Michael Hough and Jessica Fitzwater are going head to head in hopes of becoming Frederick County’s next top leader.

Fitzwater, the democratic nominee says she wants to see more economic growth in the county.

“I know that investing in our students and our schools will mean more businesses coming to Frederick, higher paying jobs, safer communities, and a thriving Frederick County,” said Fitzwater.

Her opponent, Michael Hough, the Republican nominee, said all growth is not good. He defended his position against Fitzwater, saying, in part:

“Jessica Fitzwater is not even trying to hide that she wants to turn Frederick County into Montgomery County north – overtaxed and overdeveloped. As County Executive, I will balance growth, ban new high-density development, tackle rising crime and relieve traffic congestion.”

Michael Hough

Fitzwater reacted to Hough’s comments, stating, “My opponent is attacking me because he doesn’t want people to know where he stands on issues that matter to Frederick County.”

A Frederick County forum is expected to be held next week.