Douglas Mullendore has served as the sheriff of Washington County for 12 years and wants to continue serving in that role. 

“I’m very passionate about what I do. I’m very vested in the community and want to be able to save the loved ones of all us,” said Mullendore.  

However, Brian Albert, a captain with Natural Resource Police, says he ‘s been gearing up to run for the last couple years. 

“I’ve been working for the state all over the state the last 27 years and I wanted to come back and serve the citizens of Washington County and be more localized and connected with my community,” said Albert. 

Sheriff Mullendore says one of his successes is that the sheriff’s office is certified through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 

“We were the first in the state and 26th in the nation to be certified, which means we follow national policies for looking for missing kids,” said Mullendore  
And Captain Albert says, if he is elected sheriff,  he would be able to bring a new perspective on things when it comes to county coverage. 

“I have some different ideas that I would like to try. We need some county coverage that I like to see a little bit better and work with municipalities such as Smithsburg, Boonsboro and Hancock, said Albert. 

And it’s no secret that Washington County has an opioid crisis. Sheriff Mullendore credits the Day Reporting Center as being a success in the county. 

“And everyone in the Day Reporting Center is employed, so think about the number of dollars that are returning back to our community when we give them good employment and off of their addiction, said Mullendore. 

And one of things Captain Albert is pushing for is Washington County to join Frederick County in participating in the 287 (g) program to prevent illegal immigration. 

“We don’t have as bad a problem as some of the more urban areas, but we want to get ahead of it and tackling it before it does become a problem,” said Albert.

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