Alissa Baldwin is a civics teacher, who calls herself “the ultimate political outsider,” fighting the “radical liberalist agenda.” During a debate hosted by Vets for Trump, Baldwin talked about door knocking as a child to elect Conservatives to office.

During that same debate, the candidates were asked about police brutality and police reform in light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests. Baldwin suggested the country save lives by ending abortion instead, while increasing police funding. 

If elected, Baldwin says she would work to walk back existing legislation that she says infringes on the Second Amendment, like the Gun Free Zones Act. “Because, especially as a teacher, that’s something that I know creates soft targets. And in a classroom environment where I’m armed with just canned goods I find that especially dangerous,” Baldwin said. “And no one’s accepting liability for that and yet that’s where we’re seeing even some of the mass shootings in which then become emotional fuel for the gun control debate to rear its ugly head.” 

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