FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — In 1972, the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation was founded to preserve local historic buildings. Now nearly 50 years later, they’re hitting a milestone with 425 homes and structures listed in a historic registry.

In the middle of East Third Street in Frederick is a home that dates back to 1906. You can tell it’s historic by the black cast-iron plaque that’s fixed on the house.

“I think a lot of people come to Frederick and that’s what they’re looking for, they’re looking for the history of Frederick,” explained Francina Baldi.

Francina and her husband Joe Baldi own one of the 425 historic homes throughout the county that are registered with the foundation’s plaque program.

It began the same year the foundation was founded and to qualify, each home must be at least 100-years-old and show much of the original architecture.

“The plaque program was seen as a way to, first of all, acknowledge the history of these old places and also to encourage people to preserve them and keep them and take pride in them,” explained Joan Deacon with the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation.

The Baldi’s purchased the home in 1985. The flooring and woodwork throughout the home is original. The doorknobs and handles have never been changed, and the layout is still much the same.

“We just love the charm of the house the way it was and the longer we lived here, the more we’ve just appreciated the way it was, the simplicity of it and the beauty of it,” said Baldi.

Historic buildings like the Rocky Springs Chapel and School House are also recognized for their place in local history.

The schoolhouse dates back to 1839 and in 1882 the chapel was built next door.

The buildings still stand in differing conditions, but serve as reminders of the area’s unity.

“They were very close-knit so everyone worshiped at the same place. They went to school and they were just a close-knit community,” Debby Moone with the Historic Rocky Springs Chapel, Inc. explained of the resident who lived in that area during the late 1800s.

The Frederick County Landmarks Foundation is continuously accepting applications to the plaque program.

A full registry is available at the foundation’s location on Rosemont Avenue.