A group of residents in Montgomery County are pushing back against governor Larry Hogan’s plans to expand the beltway and I-270.

As it stands right now the plan to expand I-270 and the beltway comes with a $9 billion price tag.

The governor insists that expanded lanes would solve one of the county’s biggest issues but the citizens against beltway expansion claim that they haven’t been given enough information about what the project will look like and how it could impact local neighborhoods.

For those opposing the expansion, their objections begin first and foremost with the tolls that would be involved.

“These tolls can hit up to $40 during the height of rush hour,” said Citizens Against Beltway Expansion member Brad German. “That is going to be prohibitively expensive for working families who are just trying to get to their jobs so they’re going to end up in the congestion lanes. It does not really address the problem no matter how it is sold as the solution.”

For his part, Hogan hopes that these and other issues will be worked out over time as the expansion planning process continues to take off.