The largest school district in Maryland is lending a helping hand to the Board of Elections.

“Future Vote is the whole title, future, vote,” said Outreach Coordinator at Montgomery County’s Board of Elections, Dr. Gilberto Zelaya.  “These are future voters.”

And, 2400 of America’s future voters will be answering questions, providing directions, and organizing items on Nov. 8.

“I’m just a helpful person,” said Future Vote volunteer, Emelyn Humes.  “We should help each other out.”

Emelyn is a new member to the program, which dates back to 2004 in Montgomery County.

She fits into the 65 percent of student election aides that are middle-schoolers.

“What’s unique about Montgomery County is we bring students as young as 6th grade,” said Zelaya.

Similar programs typically only include juniors and seniors, but Zelaya says the earlier students can learn about voting, the better.

“Training tonight for Future Vote and serving on election day, encompasses what is election day because 99 percent of our voters do not understand what is behind the scenes,” said Zelaya.

One sixth grader says voting is important for people to share their voice.

“I was just hoping to hand out stickers, saying ‘I voted,’” said Future Vote volunteer, Kennedy Segura.

The students have a little extra motivation to participate in Future Vote; they can earn what’re called SSL credits, essentially volunteer hours, which are required for all Montgomery County Public Schools.

And for extra SSL credits, students donated food.

“We’re doing a bi-annual food drive for Manna Food,” said Zelaya.  “Since 2004, we’ve been able to raise over 55,000 pounds of food.”

At the end of the hour-long training session, Zelaya hopes students can take away at least one thing.

“With everything that’s going on around the world, it’s important that the kids understand that there’s a lot of sacrifices we have to go through to have a democracy,” said Zelaya.