“The first thing we have to do is the pre-flight, which is a check list of the stuff you have to go through to make sure the plane is working,” said British International School of Washington Student, Sofia Hollowell.

Although she’s only in high school, she’s still ready for takeoff.

Hollowell already has some  flying hours under her belt. Her teacher, Melinda Benson-Viteri thanks the Bravo Flight Training at the Frederick Municipal Airport for an experience like this.

“There’s a big area of STEM that you might have heard about this science technology, engineering, arts and math and what better way to include that in a curriculum, I say the a is not for ask, it’s for aviation. I’m a pilot myself, love flying and really enjoy getting kids passionate about aviation,” said Benson-Viteri.

“I’ve been learning about the air dynamics of planes, how they work in general,” said British International School of Washington Student, Julian Wessel.

“I think it’s really important for kids because it shows them what they can do, and not everybody realizes how easy it is for them to become a pilot, or what all the opportunities available to them are , two of the young ladies that are here are current students of mine that are working on their private pilot certificate,” said owner of Bravo Flight Training, Brenda Tibbs.

“About a year ago I joined build a plane club which is a club in our school where students in our school have an opportunity to work with engineers, and help build a plane or restore a plane,” added Hollowell.

With all this experience at such a young age, Hollowell pretty much already has her future mapped out.

“…Yeah I would love to do something with aviation,” she added.

The students who participated ranged from ages 10 -18.