WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Threads appeared in the app store on Wednesday evening, quickly capturing the attention of millions of users.

“I think with Threads, you can really bring about your personality, in a way that was similar to Twitter,” said DMV content creator Alexa Moore, who goes by @lilmsawkward on social media.

“It’s very popular. It’s very engaging. It’s very well made. They have incorporated a lot of things that make it easy for you to join, sign up, connect with others. The notifications are popping. They had two million sign-ups within the first two hours. It’s now well over 30 million,” said Titania Jordan, Chief Parent Officer of Bark Technologies.

Users have the ability to share text, photos and videos – just like they would on Twitter. It also easily transfers your information and even followers from Instagram.

“Twitter had the opportunity to be amazing and they blew it. Every single move that they have made since Elon took over has just taken engagement down further and further and further,” Jordan said.

Branding expert Ronne Brown, who has a large online following, says she’ll likely spend more time on Threads. “It will definitely replace Twitter for me, and I’ll tell you why, I have probably been on Twitter since 2011…and it has been so hard now even getting your tweets seen.”