HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM)– Using paint, glitter and wires, a message was drawn by Washington County students.

“No matter what your disability is, you’re able to do something and it’s amazing what people with disabilities can do, nothing will stop them.” said Civitan Club Publicity Chairman Carolyn Blitz.

Over 50 students participated in the Tri-State’s Civitan Middle School Disability Awareness Art Contest. It gave students the opportunity to send a very important message as students walked in the school halls, “there is ability in every disability”. 

“The main thing is everyone wants to be perfect but they can’t accept the reality that no one is, so I feel like people with disabilities really fit that because they’re not perfect and neither are we,” said Smithsburg Middle School Student Victoria Thompson. “I hope they think, ‘oh, I don’t have to be perfect, I’m great as I am.’”

Parents, staff and students gathered to award the top artists in the county. But, what really mattered most for these students was to show that any student living with a disability is able to reach their dreams. And, to make school a safer place knowing all are welcomed.

“I think people shouldn’t be afraid of their disabilities and they should embrace it and not hide it, like not be ashamed of it,” said Smithsburg Middle School Student Tommy Becker. “I just feel bad for the people that are being picked on and bullied that have disabilities like dwarfism.”

An exhibit of the artwork will be on display at Hagerstown’s Valley Mall, March 12th to the 23rd.