A man who is running for governor of Virginia visited a Loudoun County mosque in wake of courts blocking President Donald Trump’s travel ban on immigration for citizens of six Muslim-majority countries.

Today, Candidate Tom Perriello visited the ADAMS center in Ashburn to show solidarity with Muslim Americans and emphasize his commitment to protecting their rights.

During the visit, Perriello highlighted the need to protect our immigrant and faith communities as he takes pride in Virginia’s diversity.

As governor, he says he wants to ensure Virginia is a firewall against Trump’s hateful and divisive agenda targeting immigrant and refugee communities. 

“The constitution is working in this case so while it is a scary time, I think what we’re seeing is that it’s bringing out the best in us, even from those that have been calling the worst in us,” said Perriello.

Perriello went on to say the Muslim community is an enormous asset across Virginia economically, culturally, and in terms of being part of America’s national security team.