The Town of Mount Airy held an unveiling ceremony for the new Mount Airy welcome monument sign.
After a five-year project in the making, officials with the town of Mount Airy unveiled a new welcome monument sign.
“Our borders are not clearly defined throughout the line,” said Mayor of Mount Airy Patrick Rockinberg. “A lot of people did not know where Mount Airy started or other places that stop and started.”
The mayor reached out to design experts and residents and came up with a design befitting to the community.
“Mount Airy is a wonderful place to live. My family and I, we have lived here for 17 years, and it is this type of thing that makes Mount Airy a home,” said Mary Hushour, Mount Airy Beautician Commission, Member.
The new entry monument to the town cost around $10,000, with the town seal at the top moving to the bricks to mimic the famous twin arches built in 1901.
“We wanted to pull out the rich history of Mount Airy, and everybody associates Mount Airy with our twin arches, so you can see twin arches in our signs,” continued Mayor Rockinberg.
With a growing population of over 9,000, people will not forget they visited the Town of Mount Airy.
“It is kind of nice to have something that says, ‘Welcome to Mount Airy,’ that shows our town borders,” stated Hushour.
The welcome sign is located on East Ridgeville Boulevard on Route 27.