REAGAN NATIONAL AIRPORT (DC News Now) — Flying into Reagan National Airport proved challenging early Friday morning as strong winds forced at least one flight to abort its landing.

The winds eventually died down only to be replaced by brutally cold wind chill factors.

Many passengers, including the Haile Family of Fairfax, had other obstacles in their way as they tried to fly out of town—delays and cancellations.

The Haile Family of Fairfax had waited since Thursday to travel to Canada to spend the holidays.

“We got a flight around five or so. But that got canceled, or at least got to the point where we were supposed to fly to Charlotte,” said Yobel Haile. “It got delayed to the point of when we land we needed to board our connecting flight.”

The Hailes are not the only ones who waited to get out of town.

“My flight home to Iowa got delayed,” said Jenna Pokorny. “Well got delayed, and delayed again, and finally canceled while on the train ride over here.”

Reagan National Aiport and Dulles International Airport had nearly 700 combined cancellations and delays late Friday afternoon according to

“Honestly, very frustrating,” said Haile.

Yet, others took it in stride.

“I’m just grateful right now that God has blessed us to get here at this point, and he will carry us over to the next one,” said Candace Henderson, whose flight home to Louisiana with her family got delayed.

“We’re elated,” said Henderson’s mother Shirley. “We don’t care where we are, just as long as we’re together.”

“This is all a part of traveling if you’re a Midwesterner. The cancellations, the snow delays, the cold. You just gotta take it with a grain of salt and wake up the next day and hope you make it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Baltimore-Washington International Airport dealt with close to 300 cancellations and delays.