More than 10,000 people crowded the Great Frederick Fairground this weekend to attend the Mother Earth News Fair, created by the magazine of the same name.

This year they added Maryland to their six-state tours, and Frederick was chosen to host.

“The fair was designed to sort of bring the magazine to life. We knew the area was very suitable for people interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle,” explained Mother Earth News Fair director, Andrew Perkins.

About 300 exhibitors were stationed throughout the fairgrounds, selling sustainable items like beauty products, food and drinks, and construction projects.

Organizers said at least half of the vendors are local. A spot at the fair can give nearby businesses like Urbana-based medical cannabis dispensary, Kannavis, a boost. 

“The demographic of the people that we see, and the sheer numbers of people that we see here, we wouldn’t be able to achieve anywhere else, at any other event. So we feel it’s a real benefit to being able to get the education out there, and letting people know that we’re local here in the area,” explained manager at Kannavis, Jordan Baker.

Workshops throughout the day taught a variety of topics, like how to make kombucha, and how to better tend to livestock–health and agricultural focuses some say reflects the county.

“This really matches things that are happening in Frederick, it really is a great place to come. There’s a lot of opportunity to talk to these people and learn about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it,” explained visitor to the fair, Pam Okasawara.

Some of Sunday’s visitors traveled from neighboring states just to be here. “I’m from Stanardsville, Virginia. You can learn how to farm, you can learn how to make wine, or beer, or kimchi. There’s just so much to be learned here. And I really just like learning how to do new things,” said visitor to the fair, Phyllis Smith.

Smith traveled more than three hours to attend the fair. Organizers for the Mother Earth News Fair hope to be back in Frederick for next year’s tour.