An organization called Try This WV has made its way to the Eastern Panhandle, and now, they’re touching the lives of people in a very healthy and spiritual way.

“There is a lot of people who realize we may be on the top of the worst health list, but we don’t have to stay there,” said Kate Long, Try This WV.

This week, several health organizations from Berkeley and Jefferson Counties came together with Try This WV to explore new ideas on how to keep their counties on a healthy track.

“The big thing is making that connection to maybe people who weren’t connected before. There [are] things we need to develop, because we have someone doing a running program or garden but what about a healthy eating program?” said Dana Dejarnett, Berkeley Medical Center.

Try This WV has been operating for the past four years. One of its goals are to promote a healthy lifestyle throughout the state. 

This year, the group is combining their efforts with the faith-based communities in the Eastern Panhandle.

“This is the first time we have combined Try This [WV] in this region with Healthy Bodies, Healthy Spirits,” said Stephen Smith, Try This WV.

Since the organization has already seen an impact in the state, they believe bringing the Eastern Panhandle together on a different level will take a healthy turn in the right direction.