LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — A turkey was rescued after breaking into a home in Loudon County.

Loudoun County Animal Services said a family called the Sheriff’s Office last week after hearing a window break and strange noises in their home. When deputies investigated, they found the suspect had barricaded itself in the bathroom.

“The culprit in this situation was about 3 feet tall with shiny black feathers, scaly legs and a yellow beak. It was determined it would take a specialized team to extract this offender, you see, he was a wild turkey.”

Loudoun County Animal Services

Humane Law Enforcement Officer Breslin was called to the scene and took the rogue turkey into custody before it was released int the backyard.

Animal Services said the turkey did take out the entire window in the family’s home but the turkey was not injured.

“When asked for comment on why he had committed this crime, he responded ‘gobble, gobble’. Officers remain unsure of the turkey’s true motives, but have suspicions that he may have been planning on stealing the family’s toilet paper.”

Loudon County Animal Services