Two entrepreneurs in the 4-State are re-creating the face of the wood burning stove.

Co-founders of MF Fire created the first ever “smart” stove with updated technology, renewable resources, and little to no emissions.

When you first think of wood stoves, you may think they are very old fashioned.

Well, “The Catalyst” is far from outdated.

“We can make it burn very, very clean,” co-founder Taylor Myers says, “For most of the burn, there’s no smoke at all. Actually over the length of the burn it produces less smoke than a cigarette.”

Co-founders Taylor Myers and Ryan Fisher entered in a wood stove decathlon during their studies at University of Maryland and to their surprise, they won.

“You just load the wood, start the fire, close the door, and walk away,” Ryan Fisher explains.

Winning the decathlon motivated them to bring these advanced stoves from the competition to your living room.

“The Catalyst” is a smart stove, meaning you can control it right from your smart phone.

“You can set a room temperature and the stove will automatically work to maintain your house at that temperature,” Myers explains, “It gives you some insight into how quickly you’re burning, how much time is left in the burn, and how efficient the stove is running currently.”

“We think there’s something about what we’re doing that combines clean burning with renewable energy as well as smart technology that kind of brings all three of those things together, that a consumer is really interested in.”

The stoves are designed to naturally heat your home without emitting any harmful fumes and they only burn wood.

Currently, the stoves are available for pre-order and are expected to ship out sometime this fall.

“We’ve seen over 200 reservations for the stove since we got started about a year ago collecting reservations,” Myers says, “One retails for $4,995.”

“The Catalyst” is manufactured out of a warehouse in Smithsburg.

When ordering a stove, you’ll be able to customize the color of the metal body and the soap-stone material used on the counter top.

To place an order, or for more information, visit