When paired together they have six legs, four horns and are completely adorable. Evie and Toby are two goats who are overcoming all the odds.

Evie and Toby may seem like regular goats but they have one thing in common, they are amputees and today they met for the first time.

Co-founder and Co-director of Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, Terry Cummings said, “They kind of looked at each other when they first got together and saw that they were about the same size.”

Both goats were rescued last year and needed their legs amputated due to severe infections.

Overtime, they have learned to walk and play by themselves–at times it is like they do not even have a disability.

“She runs and plays and jumps and climbs just like another goat, she doesn’t let anything bother her, she makes the absolute best of her situation,” said Cummings.

Even at their best though it can be difficult for them to keep up with the pack, so meeting another goat with the same complications made the meeting even more special.

The duo immediately got along and stuck by each others side.

Co-founder of Peaceful Fields Sanctuary, Jennifer Netzel said “He loves fresh hay and he loves a nice quiet shady spot to nap in and he gets all of that.”

Both owners have even admitted to spoiling Toby and Evie more than the other goats in their sanctuary.

They feel that this new friendship between the two will make them happier than they already are.

Both sanctuaries are non-profit and always looking to place mistreated animals in a permanent home.