The first winter storm for the season closes highways and byways across the four-state region. Thursday evening, road conditions are beginning to improve across the area.  

Interstate 81 is starting to clear out south of Winchester, Virginia.  I-66 sees traffic over the mountains, but road conditions improve east of the Blue Ridge into the D.C. Metropolitan Region.    

I-270 is clear in Montgomery County, but it is a treacherous track as you enter into Frederick County, Maryland.

I-70, at this hour, is a slippery mess going over the mountains into Hagerstown. Traffic on I-70, as of 7 p.m. Thursday, continues to be bumper to bumper as traffic moves at a crawl.  I-70 traffic improves as traffic enters into Washington County. 

I-70 to I-68 traffic is slow but moving.  Expect water and slushy snow to refreeze in higher elevations overnight.  

The main roads in Hagerstown continue to improve as the winter weather exits the region and as road crews complete clearing the main roadways.  However, expect secondary roads in Washington County to be somewhat icy at times.

Friday morning begins with light rain.  WDVM urges drivers to take extra time Friday morning as icy and slushy roads are likely in spots around the four-state.  

Roads will improve as Friday afternoon comes around, and with temperatures rising above freezing, look to see much improvement from Friday morning.  

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