Recently unsealed court documents now show how detectives arrested a man who was charged in a double-homicide in Lorton earlier this year.

Back in July, 20 year-old Ryan Cross and 19 year-old Gregory Dennis were found dead with gunshot wounds inside a vehicle. 

Twenty-one year-old Kelsey McCrimmon was charged with the crime. Police said he had been previously charged in a robbery earlier that month, but said it was not related.

The unsealed court documents show that McCrimmon and an accomplice met a man they’d arranged a business transaction with on Facebook and robbed him at gunpoint. 

The documents show that McCrimmon’s accomplice for that robbery was actually the key to him being caught in the double-homicide.

Documents state that not only was a large amount of marijuana found in the car but also a backpack belonging to McCrimmon’s accomplic from the first robbery. 

The documents also state that the two men messaged each other about the murders.