One of Montgomery County’s largest and most popular outdoor trails is set to get some major changes made in the name of pedestrian safety.

Parks officials held a presentation this week with residents to show off the potential changes.

Options include installing large bumps at trail crossings called speed tables.

Another option is to re-orient the trail and install a traffic signal to control vehicles and trail users.

Finally, officials said they could are looking at possibly building a pedestrian bridge to keep walkers away from oncoming traffic.

“There are a lot of curves around here so it would make sense to kind of includes those types of speed bumps to reduce the speed and it really depends on commuting times and when the weather is nice, there are a lot of people that are coming up and down,” said daily Capital Crescent Trail user Nate Bonsignoru. “It would make sense in my eyes especially if it made it just light up and clear that this was a change going on.”

These changes became a priority when University of Maryland Professor Ned Gaylin was struck and killed on his bicycle at one of the trail crossings two years ago.